welcome to the texthood

Order online and by text without crazy commissions

  • Existing ordering apps leave you with a lot of work but no profit
  • We'll embed online ordering into your website so customers can order directly from you
  • Up to 10x less expensive than using third party apps

Vinh, co-owner of Le's Vietnamese says:

3rd party online ordering apps are killing local restaurants with their commissions.

The Texthood helps us convert app customers to direct customers by letting them order online and by text on their phones.

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All your customers are texting

Isn't it time you joined the conversation?

  • Enable your existing business number to receive customers' texts
  • We automate responses so you don't have to respond manually
  • Replace your phone orders with text to save time and hassle

Chris, owner of The Bucket says:

Texthood is a great match between user simplicity and the restaurant's needs! Many customers have said “Wow, way to change the game Bucket”!.

The ease of just texting and not having to download an app has been extremely beneficial to all customers both young and old! Texthood gets 5 out of 5!”

Simple to use

  • Engage directly with your customers without a third party getting in the way
  • Online ordering menu and text experience are customized to fit your brand and message
  • You can even text your customers directly to clarify the order or just to say thanks

Alex, co-owner of Coreanos says:

The Texthood has been a great addition. Its ease of use helps stream-line operations especially during busy hours.

The number of orders continues to grow with some customers ordering multiple times a week.

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