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4 Free Steps to Take Control of Your Restaurant's Online Presence

There was a time when opening a restaurant meant finding a good location, working with a good chef, picking out the decor, printing some menus, and then opening your doors to the public.

Today, that’s just the beginning of the struggle for attention and business that determines whether a restaurant thrives or fails. Picky diners use their phones and computers to analyze every single photo, rating, and review before deciding where they’ll eat, and it’s up to owners to make sure their restaurant stands out from the crowd online.

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Surviving the Food Delivery Revolution

Most business owners, ourselves included, started their business for a variety of reasons: to be independent, to work for ourselves, and of course to make a decent living.

Unfortunately, restaurants today are facing a revolution that makes these goals more and more difficult to achieve. The exploding popularity of ordering and delivery through mobile apps has led to diminishing margins and reduced independence at local restaurants across the country. These apps have become unavoidable middlemen, cutting restaurants off from their customers and extracting high commissions.

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